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Some thoughts on Harry Potter as a dystopia.


Interesting, why do you consider harry potter is a dystopia?

I find it impossible to think of Harry Potter as anything BUT a dystopia. Even Hogwarts itself is a dystopia. Children are segregated based on their (supposed) personality traits at 11, and then left to fulfill roles that were set out a thousand years ago, leading to cultural divides that continue for the rest of their lives. And I haven’t even gotten into the details of how Hogwarts is run, how useful it is as a tool for preparing people for adult life, and how dangerous it is to live there.

As for the Wizarding World at large, there’s no evidence that the Ministry of Magic is organized by anything other than cronyism, and the Minister for Magic is not a democratically elected leader. Voldemort easily finds a foothold in normal society (even within living memory of his last reign of terror!) and a gang of racist terrorists easily infiltrate the government and implement all sorts of nightmarish and bigoted policies, which are partly represented by Umbridge’s power at Hogwarts. There’s also a huge amount of discrimination relating to non-human races throughout the wizarding world, particularly House Elf slavery.

I could go on at some length on this topic, but I’ll just finish with my pet theory: that Wizarding Britain is so fucked up that the rest of the wizarding world has just given up on it. We know from the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament that there are plenty of magical cultures all over the world, but Britain receives NO kind of international help when Voldemort is on the rise or when the Ministry of Magic is in turmoil.

Obviously the “real” explanation is that the Voldemort/Harry/Hogwarts narrative must to be isolated for Harry’s story to be told, but I still quite like the explanation that Wizarding Britain has been abandoned by the rest of the world. Their society has become so warped, so backward and so beholden to irrational beliefs and traditions that other international wizarding powers have decided the situation is unsalvageable. There’s no point in stepping in to get rid of Voldemort unless he becomes a threat overseas, because either he or another bizarre supervillain will rise up within a few years anyway. And Wizarding Britain seems functionally incapable of defending itself from this threat without the help of Harry and his team of teen sidekicks (who by the end of the series are all suffering from PTSD because they have spent their formative years fighting in a dystopian war.)

(P.S. Even if my pet theory ISN’T true, then the international wizarding community must still have SOME reason not to step in and help Britain fight back against Voldemort. Which, in itself, makes the world of Harry Potter seem even more dystopian than before.)





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clint slips from a rooftop while firing an arrow, hits three balconies on his way down and end up butt first on an old and wet mattress that was going for the trash

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This is a pirate transmission from District 13 with a message.